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Welsh slate Indoor Plant Markers

3 x Markers £9.95

150mm x 25mm

Hand cut and laser engraved from the farm

If you need any extra Markers or different plants engraved please don't hesitate to ask, just send a message.

All our Welsh slate items have been created and reused from Welsh slate that's come off one of our barn roofs during maintenance. These slates are extremely old and could tell their own stories of the past if given the chance! As the slate is natural, each piece is unique and may have pyrite (metal specs resembling fools gold) running through the slate giving a fantastic finish.

Please contact us if you need any personalisation on any items.

🌍All of our packaging is as sustainable and eco friendly as possible. We use cardboard, British produced wood wool and starch based biodegradable pellets for transportation.

Thanks for looking and please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.

3 x Welsh Slate "Water Me" Indoor Plant Markers

  • Please be aware if the slate is dropped or mishandled it may snap.

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