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Experience Day 2024 at Little Walterstone Farm Gower!


Get ready to embark on a fascinating journey into the world of bees and

discover the wonders of beekeeping firsthand.


Imagine yourself surrounded by the gentle hum of bees, the sweet scent of honey, and the vibrant colours of blooming flowers. This unique experience will not only provide

you with a deeper understanding of these incredible creatures but also allow you to actively participate in the art of beekeeping.


LWF beekeepers James & Jade will guide you through every step of the process, ensuring your safety and providing you with valuable knowledge about the importance of bees in our ecosystem. You will have the opportunity to wear protective gear and get up close and personal with the bees, observing their behaviour and learning about their intricate social structure.


During the day, you will learn how to handle the bees with care and watch how James or Jade inspects a hive. Our beekeepers will share their expertise on topics such as bee biology, hive management, and the challenges facing bees in today's world.


Not only will you gain practical skills, but you will also have the chance to taste the fruits of your labour. We will indulge in a honey tasting session, where you can savour the unique flavours and aromas of different types of honey produced by our bees.


This experience is not only educational but also a chance to connect with nature and appreciate the vital role bees play in pollination and the production of our food. You will leave with a newfound respect for these wonderful and important creatures.


Typical example of what to expect on your beekeeping experience day....


●Meet and greet over a cuppa and talk about what to expect on the Beekeeping Experience Day


●Talk about Honeybees important role in food production and the ecosystem


●Take a look at beekeeping equipment and the different parts that make up the British National Beehive


●Get up close and personal with our Bees, immerse yourselves and experience a typical hive inspection under the guidance of experienced beekeepers James and Jade ( we will provide you with all necessary bee suits and gloves, we ask all participants to bring their own wellies)


●Honey tasting from Spring, Summer, and Autumn


●Questions and answers with refreshrents


●Your beekeeping experience finishes with every participant enjoying a jar of our LWF Wildflower Honey to take home


You may find our itinerary change slightly on the day if weather or unforseen circumstances arise. Don't fret though, you will leave the farm with an unforgettable experience!





•£ 60 per person


•Duration approximately 3 hours


•Sessions held on 1st Saturday of every month running from May to August


•Minimum 13 years of age


•Anyone under 16 accompanied by a paying adult


•Gift vouchers available ( personalised engraved wooden token / keepsake sent in the post )


•Maximum of 8 participants per session


•Valid for 12 months from purchase


•Please don't book our beekeeping experience day if you have any known allergic reaction to either wasp, bee or hornet stings (if purchasing this experience day as a gift please enquire if the person intended has a known allergic reaction to wasp, bee or hornet stings, if so don't book)


Upon purchase, please contact Little Walterstone Farm asap to book your preferred date as places will fill

up quickly, also please specify roughly what size bee suit you require (usually one size up

from what you are)


2024 DATES


●Saturday 4th May


●Saturday 1st June


●Saturday 6th July


●Saturday 3rd August


We may add dates as the season progresses!


Dates are subject to change and can be rescheduled due to a number of eventualities eg adverse weather, however particlpants wlll be given plenty of notice.





•Please wear / bring wellies, all other beekeeping equipment will be provided eg bee suits, gloves etc


•We advise participants to wear jeans or joggers with a long sleeved or hooded style

jumper under the bee suit provided


•Tie back any long hair as when your safely zipped into the bee suit, you won't be able to adjust any annoying stray hairs!


•Please don't wear any strong scented perfume or aftershave as this can effect our

sensitive stars of the show!


•A disclaimer will be emailed out within a couple of weeks of your experience day which all participates require to read, sign and email back to Little Walterstone Farm


•Please make either James or Jade aware before your arrival if you have any dietary

requirements as there will be a honey inspired sweet treat available with the refreshments


•Unfortunately our beekeeping experience day is not suitable for wheelchair users and

those with impaired vision as the farms terrain is uneven and you will be required to walk to and from the apiary in the fields


Here at Little Walterstone Farm we strive to breed good tempered Honeybees however we cannot guarantee their temperament on any given day and even with all safety equipment in place there is always a chance of being stung, please keep that in mind.

Beekeeping Experience Day

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