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Pure Gower Honey, Produce of Wales.

227g Jar.

Here at Little Walterstone farm we pride ourselves on having the ability to produce some really unique honey as our honeybees have the whole of Gower‘s backbone to forage. Cefn Bryn and beyond has over 2000 acres of varied and beautiful wildflowers, trees and plants in which our bees make their fantastic honey.

Experience a taste of Gower with our incredible Welsh Honey.

This honey is a summer wildflower honey which tastes incredibly sweet and floral.

All our honey is cold filtered, pure and unpasteurised. 2022 harvest.

Produced by J&J Tregoning

Honey is unsuitable for infants under 12 months old.

Honey Granulation

All Pure Honey will granulate; in fact this change is the best proof of its quality, It can easily be restored to

the liquid state by either of the following methods:

(1) Loosen the top and stand the jar in hot water, preferably

on strips of wood so that the water completely surrounds

the jar. Heat very gently until the honey becomes liquid.

(2) Remove metal cap or loosen plastic cap and place in a

microwave oven on the lowest power. Remember, the

honey in the centre of the jar will continue to become liquid

after the heating time has finished

Little Walterstone Farm Honey 227g

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